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Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
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Made by SamPixeler

At the begining, I planned to only draw stuff here for relax, but it turned out, that I'm here everyday, working mostly on animations XD There is still a long way before me, but I love making them, so I don't think I'm gonna stop anytime soon XD

Started a studio some time ago, so if you're interested, check the profile yourself 8): framedpixelstudio.deviantart.c…

Interested in commisions? (currently closed) check here:

And I also have a YouTube channel, but not very active. Still if you'd like to check it, see the link below 8)…

Now, when I have your attention: Happy new year! 8D

If you're here only for the title, just go to the next section 8P For the rest of you, here's some info:

Why not so much activity? - Well, animations always took a lot of time, but I've rarely done anything big. At the begining of the year, I started two big animations, but because some other work came later, I had to suspend working on one of them ("Let it go" animation, is not the one 8)). If someone is reading my journals, you know that I started a studio, where we're working on our Ponymon game. We're just a bunch of amateur though, so our work is all over the place XD And that's not all 8D I also became an animator in Equestrian Dreamers studio 8D (If someone doesn't know them, check their My Little Investigation game 8) It's awesome 8D) And one more thing XD Somewhere in November, I finally got pissed at my drawing skills, so I started drawing, to improve my skills. Why I didn't upload anything here? You'll see in the second part 8P

What I'll be doing this year? - I'm just gonna continue what I didn't finish last year 8) No need to start making new things, when I still haven't finished the old ones. Except the drawing requests 8P I need that, to improve my drawing skills 8) The commissions are still my priority, so don't worry, I won't be neglecting you 8)

And that's all 8) I had not much to say, but I really should made a journal from time to time XD And now to the main thing 8)



What's going on?
- I wanted to learn how to draw, but the thing is, I'm not a fan of drawing, but I like NSFW stuff, so by drawing a NSFW things, I'm not hating it that much anymore 8P I decided to open 50 slots for drawings. Just so you know, this is mostly a practice for me, so I'll be doing this in my free time, to not bother my animation work even more, so It WILL take time to finish them and I think 50 slots will be enough to finish everything until the end of this year. You won't see any of these pictures here, but unless you say otherwise, I'll be posting them on my tumblr (If you're interested, look for "mister-hentai-creations" 8)).


-If you want a picture, send me a note, with the description of what you want. I'll be answering every note in one, or two days, so you'll know, whenever I accepted it, or not, because...

-I don't have any limits, but there are some things I won't draw. What are those things? No idea 8P Just ask and you'll know 8) I've seen a lot of things on the internet already, so it's not like you can surprise me XD Just ask for what you desire 8) But when you're accepted...

-Don't ask: "When will you finish my picture?". I'll draw it when I'll have time and will for it. And when you ask me that, when I have a bad day, you may lose your slot 8P So chill out and wait 8) Also...

-There is an one slot limit per person. Why? Diversity 8) There is a lot of people out there and I bet they have ideas, I would never think off XD So I don't think I should let one person take all the slots 8) And don't be sad, when you'll get a number near the end, coz...

-Numbers doesn't mean anything 8) What I draw, depends on the day, so I can even start from the last one 8) Just don't forget to at least...

-Say "thank you", when you get your picture 8P They're free, but it's a common courtesy, to thank someone, when you get something from someone 8) Even if the outcome looks like shit XD


And that it 8) Here is a slot counter I'll be updating every day, so you'll know how many slots left. And share this journal if you can, so I could fill these slots faster 8) Cheers!


So yeah, the time has come 8) Like before, I'm opening 10 slots for ten people and each person can take up to two commisions. You can find prices here (Commisions Prices). And don't send the points until I told you to XD Let the games begin! 8D

1. thasbrony: avatar - completed
2. Heartwarmer-MLP: avatar - completed
3. StarBladeBuster: animation - animatic -> assets -> animating
4. Actinium28: avatar - completed
5. Uponia: avatar - assets -> animating
6. ZanciiKitty: avatar - completed
                       avatar - completed
7. taokakabom: avatar - animating
8. Rosewend: avatar - completed
                      avatar - completed
9. TheNeoStrike: avatar - animating
10. Seaswirl29: avatar - completed



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